Max Pacioretty injured, helped off the ice

Pacioretty just can't catch a break this year, as he suffers a second injury in just his 5th game.

Max Pacioretty broke in on the Winnipeg Jets midway through the first period, and was held awkwardly by James Wright. Pacioretty's legs went separate directions and he needed help to get off the ice, showing great discomfort.

As always with Pacioretty we don't know whether he'll be back at any moment, but it looked really bad. My guess is that he suffered a groin injury of some kind, hopefully not anything that requires surgery.

We'll keep you updated on Pacioretty's injury, but for now I doubt he's going to be playing anymore tonight, or in the next few games.

Update: Pacioretty is done for the night according to's Jets correspondent:

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