March Podcast

Habs Eyes on the Prize's March 2012 Podcast featuring @theoryofice and @theactivestick

Sunday evening 4 members of the EOTP crew got together with Ellen Etchingham of The Score's NHL blog Backhand Shelf and Laura Saba of The Active Stick. You can follow Ellen on twitter at @theoryofice and Laura at @theactivestick.

Chris Boyle wasn't able to make the podcast but Bruce Peter, Kevin van Steendelaar, Stephan Cooper and I were good to go as we discussed the trade deadline deals, Martin vs Cunneyworth, the future of the team and how annoying PR is in general.

We had some feedback problems in recording so bear with us a bit.

EOTP's March 2012 Podcast (via HabsEOTPsbn)

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