Marc Dumont stepping down as managing editor of Eyes on the Prize

What a long, strange trip it's been.

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been suspiciously absent from the website for the last month or so.

I didn’t forget you, I’ve just been overwhelmingly busy.

In August I accepted an offer from Arpon Basu to join The Athletic Montreal alongside Marc Antoine Godin and Emna Achour, in September I moved to Montreal, and recently I accepted an offer to write a weekly column for the Montreal Gazette.

Unfortunately, that means I have to step down as managing editor of this fantastic website.

I couldn’t be more excited for these new endeavours, but at the same time I’m saddened to leave the community that was a big part of my life for five years.

This is my home, and though I’m moving on, I’m not going to forget it.

Fortunately, we’ve built a well-oiled machine. There’s a reason EOTP is constantly the top site among all SB Nation hockey blogs: our fantastic team. I was lucky enough to work with exciting writers, passionate fans, and great editors. There are too many to name, and I don’t want to insult anyone by forgetting to mention them.

I’m extremely confident that Justin Blades will be able to take over without a hitch. In fact, he’s been running the site with the help of Jared Book for a month, and the hits have never been better. Over the last few months he’s taken over most of the managing editor duties, and the result has been improvements across the board. His leadership, combined with the loyalty of the community, will ensure that this site continues to break records, and remains the best source for Montreal Canadiens news.

The Next Chapter

My new role at The Athletic will focus primarily on covering the Laval Rocket, as well as  statistical analysis, editorial duties, and various other responsibilities.

It’s a subscription based model, which means we charge a small monthly fee to access our articles. Sports have never been more popular, and yet sports journalism has seen a constant stream of layoffs over the last few years. Our goal is to challenge the idea that you need to use clickbait to drive traffic. We won’t delve into sensationalism, and we definitely won’t be using ‘hot takes’ to drive interest in our product.

We’re investing in the written word, and we’re led by none other than James Mirtle.

I’d like to invite you to join us on this journey. For less than 15 cents a day you’ll get access to some of the best writers in the hockey world, as well as coverage from various cities across North America. To celebrate the launch of the NHL season we’re currently offering a 30% discount on the yearly subscription price.

But enough of the sales pitch for now.

I can’t thank you all enough for the support over the years. When Andrew and Travis gave me a job on this blog I wasn’t certain anything would come from it. In fact, at times I was convinced I had made a mistake by jumping into the blogging world.

But as people around NHL rinks are realizing, EOTP is one of the best platforms for new writers. We’ve had several former writers hired by NHL teams, as well as various other media outlets.

I would have never received an offer from the Athletic and the Gazette without this site, and the support of the community.

It’s overwhelming. It’s exciting. It’s humbling.

But again, even though I’m leaving, you’re in great hands. The new leadership team, as well as the roster of writers, will continue to bring you original content throughout the year.

On that note, if you’re interested in writing for the website, please send an email to We’re always looking for contributors, no matter their background or experience level. We all feel regret about roads not taken, and if you’ve ever had an inkling that you might be the right fit for the sports world, this is a perfect chance to get your foot in the door.

As George Bernard Shaw said, life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Au revoir, mes amis.

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