Wednesday Habs Headlines: Marc Bergevin is not done trading yet

Here are your daily links, including the unpredictability of Marc Bergevin, exactly what the GM has to work with, and a farewell to David Desharnais

Montreal Canadiens news and notes

  • When it comes to Marc Bergevin, we’ve learned to expect the unexpected. With less than 12 hours before the Trade Deadline, the Canadiens’ General Manager could still pull a rabbit or two out of the hat.  [TSN690]
  • As a potential precursor to something larger, David Desharnais was traded to the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for Brandon Davidson. [EOTP]/
  • At least we’re all certainly hoping this much is true. /
  • Jordie Benn is happy to kick off his next chapter in “Hockey Heaven.” [JDM]
  • ICYMI: Alex Galchenyuk is awesome./
  • Ahead of the Trade Deadline, Andrew Zadarnowski analyzes what Habs GM Marc Bergevin has to work with if he wants to pull off any more deals. [EOTP]
  • Haters can hate, but Max Pacioretty is a true leader for this Canadiens team. [TSN690]
  • Montreal had an offer on the table for Brian Boyle./
  • The Montreal Canadiens hosted You Can Play Night at the Bell Centre on Tuesday evening./
  • Speaking of potential trades, is the young Carolina defenseman Ryan Murphy worth a look? [EOTP]
  • Jack Han’s most recent video features new Hab, Jordie Benn and why he shouldn’t favor his off-side./
  • This certainly will make things interesting for Marc Bergevin/

Around the league and elsewhere

  • Former NHLerJoé Juneau is fighting back the decision to cut the Nunavik Youth Hockey Development Program in half. [Toronto Star]
  • Johnny Oduya is heading back to a familiar locker room./
  • The international hockey community lost another legend in Vladimir Petrov./
  • Good deeds in Halifax? Thank your friendly, neighborhood Spiderman masked hockey players. [CTV]
  • NHLers with playoff experience will often have a significant impact on their younger teammates. [Sportsnet]
  • A look back at Stanley Cup champs of the last 10 years will show that not all GMs need to adopt the “all in” mentality for their team to be successful. [CBC]/

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