Marc Bergevin signs contract extension until 2022

General Manager Marc Bergevin is rewarded for producing results.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Montreal Canadiens announced the contract extension of Marc Bergevin, securing his position until the end of the 2021-22 season.

Since replacing Pierre Gauthier as General Manager in May 2012, Marc Bergevin has undertaken a massive overhaul of the entire Hockey Operations department of the Montreal Canadiens, and the results have been very conclusive thus far.

Whereas in previous eras, simply making the playoffs was seen as a measure of success, under Bergevin the team has risen to heights unseen since the early 90's. Posting a .656 winning percentage in 234 games and multiple 100 point seasons, he has given the fanbase much hope in the team's ability to win it all.

A lot of credit must be given to Bergevin, who surrounded himself with many trusted advisors with tons of hockey experience. He is also known for his numerous shrewd trades that sacrificed little to acquire assets of real value, and disposed of all contracts that burdened his ability to remain flexible under the salary cap.

By securing his position as General Manager the organization has ensured stability, as they head full steam ahead towards the ultimate goal of their first Stanley Cup since 1993.

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