Marc Bergevin nominated for General Manager of the year

Along with Ray Shero and Bob Murray, the NHL has recognized Marc Bergevin as one of the top executives of the year.

It's a nice tip of the cap to the new GM of the Montreal Canadiens, nominated as one of the top executives of the year.

It's undeniable that Bergevin pulled off some deft moves this year, although he also had some that were confusing.

The way these things work though, he's likely not getting credit for the moves he made, but the moves he didn't make. Choosing to not blow up the team, instead adding depth throughout the year, paid off in spades for Bergevin and the Canadiens. Their first division title since 2008, and the last Northeast Division title to ever be won.

However the award seems fairly dubious when you realize how little impact Bergevin has actually had on the makeup of this version of the Canadiens. Even more dubious is the nomination of Bob Murray, who handed out $17M in cap hit per year for long terms to two players in a year where the cap is falling dramatically.

Either way, this is a very odd feeling, seeing Habs being nominated for major awards. With Marc Bergevin's nominated, that makes three. Brendan Gallagher has an excellent shot at the Calder Trophy, and P.K. Subban may have an even better shot at the Norris Trophy.

If both win, I guess they'll test Bergevin's GM abilities when it comes to re-sign them.

Listen to Marc Bergevin's post mortem press conference here.

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