Marc Bergevin is going to evaluate the Canadiens' failures in the off-season

After the Montreal Canadiens complete and utter failure of a season, Marc Bergevin says that he is going to evaluate everyone.

Marc Bergevin is not a happy general manager, based on his comments about the team at the general manager meetings in Boca Raton Florida. Even with the injuries the team has been battling all year, including a near-season long injury to star goaltender Carey Price, the Canadiens should not have been this bad, and Bergevin's comments indicate that he knows it.

This statement is the first hint we have that Bergevin is going to evaluate, among other things, his coaching staff, and could possibly fire them at season's end. Such a statement could also indicate an intention to give the AHL staffing situation a hard look. It is also the first indication we've had that he's unhappy with the staff at all.

None of this means that the Montreal Canadiens will have a new coach at the start of next season, but given that we didn't even know whether Bergevin thought the team's injuries were enough of an excuse for a bad year, it is an encouraging sign.

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