Open Thread - Maple Leafs vs Bruins, Rangers vs Capitals, and Red Wings vs Ducks

The Leafs and Red Wings face elimination tonight, while the Capitals and Rangers both look to take control of their series.

Today we face a dilemma. Do we want the Leafs to win another game against the Bruins, hopefully beating down the Bruins more so they don't compete for the cup? Or do we want the Maple Leafs to get eliminated so we don't hear crappy taunts about who won more playoff games this year?

Further south, Alex Ovechkin and Rick Nash face off to compete for the series lead. Henrik Lundqvist and Braden Holtby have both been very strong, but neither team has been able to snatch momentum and keep it.

Out on the West coast, the Red Wings could play their last playoff game ever as a Western Conference team, as they face elimination at the hands of Saku Koivu and the Anaheim Ducks.

Later in the night we'll have a thread for the late game. Should be a good night of playoff hockey, even with our beloved Canadiens on the outside looking in.

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