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CWHL set to pay players in 2017-18

The league fulfilled its promise to pay players, will institute a salary cap.

Shanna Martin / Eyes on the Prize

The Globe and Mail reports that the CWHL will pay players a salary and have a salary cap for the 2017-18 season.

The league has always said that this season was their goal along their strategic plan, and it seems they have met that.

Each team will have a salary cap of $100,000, with a minimum player salary of $2,000 and a maximum of $10,000. The report also indicates the league will have yearly increases.

“We know this plan is sustainable, it won't just be paying them for one year. We have a plan in place and each year we will grow those stipends," CWHL commissioner Brenda Andress told the Globe and Mail.

The NWHL had a salary cap of $270,000 with salaries ranging from $10,000-25,000, but had to cut salaries by more than half last season. They have not announced any salary news for the upcoming season.

The report indicates that the addition of two Chinese teams in the league has raised sponsorship and league revenue to a point where they can sustain the players salaries.

It is an interesting year for the CWHL to start their salary structure thanks to the Olympics which will see a majority of their star players out of the league until after the tournament.

This is definitely a positive step for the league and the sport to have two leagues with salaries in North America. With the promise of annual increases in the report, it shows that the league also knows it is something it can sustain.

Les Canadiennes will have their training camp in late September, and the regular season should start around the third week of October.