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Les Canadiennes de Montreal Player Profile: Jordanna Peroff

Meet the newest Canadienne, Jordanna Peroff

Jordanna Peroff is no stranger to winning. In five years at McGill University, she won three National Championships, and was named CIS Championship MVP in 2011. After graduating, she joined the Toronto Furies and won the Clarkson Cup in 2014. She spent last season playing in a professional league in Italy before deciding to return to the CWHL, in part because of the higher quality of competition. She was traded from Toronto to Les Canadiennes de Montreal over the offseason.

Peroff goal

Peroff played on the third line in preseason action, and that's likely where she'll start the year, on a line with either Katia Clement-Heydra or Leslie Oles, who were both high scorers with the McGill Martlets. She didn't have the best production with the Furies, but her time with both McGill and the Bolzano Eagles show that she can be a good depth option for Les Canadiennes. She has the ability to capitalize on chances in the offensive zone with her speed and good positioning, as she did in scoring on Oles' pass in the clip above.

Peroff lit it up last season in the European Women's Hockey League and says that the experience was great.

"They're able to fly you over, pay for your expenses and give you a bit of money every month. [I'm] hoping that we'll get that experience here someday as well and I think we're working towards that gradually. It was a great experience to play hockey and not have to worry about another job on top of it and just focus on what you love."

She decided, however, that one year in Italy was enough.

"To be honest I missed the level of hockey here. The European league was decent but in general the intensity and level and quality of play is stronger here. [Also] my family is here and my friends are here. I met a lot of people over there and it was a great experience but I had it set in my mind that I would just go for the year to try out the experience and I'm glad I did it."

After three years playing in other cities, Peroff is happy to be back in Montreal.

"It's pretty cool to be playing with my former teammates, that's the best part," Peroff said referring to the amount of  former Martlets on the team. "Their intensity drives me to be better and it's inspiring and they're a fun group of girls. It's pretty exciting."