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The Montreal Canadiens are reportedly acting as a third party in a potential Erik Karlsson trade

They could be leveraging their cap space to get a draft pick or two for helping to facilitate a trade of the Senators captain.

Ottawa Senators v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

The Montreal Canadiens may be willing to use their massive amount of available cap space to help the Ottawa Senators trade Erik Karlsson.

It has been reported that the Senators are hoping to use a potential trade of their superstar captain to help them out of Bobby Ryan’s contract.

The Canadiens have the space to help facilitate that trade, but the particulars of their involvement, or whether they’re the only team offering up such a financial solution, are not known. Options would include taking Ryan and his contract outright in exchange for draft picks from both teams involved, or simply retaining some of his salary before he moves on to the other team, as the Vegas Golden Knights were able to do in yesterday’s trade of Derick Brassard.