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Marc Bergevin has cap space set aside to sign Alex Galchenyuk

It seems the general manager is determined to get his skilled forward under contract.

Montreal Canadiens v Toronto Maple Leafs

When Marc Bergevin held his press conference yesterday, the focus was on the new contract extension for Carey Price, the ongoing negotiations with Andrei Markov and Alexander Radulov, and his approach to the entry draft.

Lost in the reporting on the event was a crucial tidbit regarding the other big-name player in need of a contract: Alex Galchenyuk.

Elliotte Friedman mentioned last week that he felt the team’s stance had shifted from wanting to trade Galchenyuk for mutliple assets to deciding to hang onto his services. How long ago that decision was made wasn’t pinpointed, but it seems to have been decided before the talks with Markov and Radulov entered their final stages.

Whether that allotted amount is anywhere close to what Galchenyuk’s management group has in mind is a different matter, but at least it appears the Canadiens are prepared to get a deal done with a young player who already has a 30-goal season on his resume and lots of time to improve his game.