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UPDATE: The conditions of the Montreal Canadiens’ 2018 fourth-round pick sent to LA in exchange for Dwight King

Well after the deadline, a new wrinkle emerged in the draft selection the Habs offered to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Kings v Washington Capitals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The biggest move made by the Montreal Canadiens at the 2017 NHL Trade Deadline was the acquisition of forward Dwight King from the Los Angeles Kings.

Originally, the trade was reported to include a conditional 2018 fourth-round pick heading west in exchange for King, with the condition that if he signed an extension with the Habs, the pick would become a third-round selection in 2018. Now, it has become known that there is another path that would allow that scenario:

The wording is a bit different from “contract extension,“ perhaps to cover a workaround that would see King sign a professional tryout with the Habs for next year rather than a standard player contract outright.

The success of the Habs in the post-season is also a factor in the transaction, as the Canadiens advancing to the Conference Final this spring will also result in the team giving up a third-rounder instead of the initial fourth.

Getting that far in the post-season would make that pick somewhere between 28th to 31st in the third round — 121st to 124th overall — so it would hold less value for the team. The same would also be true for the original fourth-round selection (going to somewhere in the #152 to #155 range), which is a less appealing return for the Kings, and hence the added condition.