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Nathan Beaulieu: “I’m sure you’ll see me in the jersey again“

The Habs defencemen left his conversations with Marc Bergevin confident that his place with the Canadiens is secure.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

He’s been talked about by fans of the team as a potential piece to be included in a trade for some time now. It was thought that he may not even still be with the team when the new season started as the Montreal Canadiens looked for offence. But tonight Nathan Beaulieu stated he was confident he won’t be leaving the organization anytime soon.

After some pre-trade deadline conversations with the general manager, Beaulieu believes he’ll survive the 3:00 PM trade deadline tomorrow and stick with the Habs for their post-season run.

As for other members of the team, the future may not be so secure. David Desharnais has already been moved out, going to Edmonton in exchange for defenceman Brandon Davidson. The move gives the Habs a overwhelming amount of depth on the left side of the defence corps, so another move may be in the offing for another member within the organization.