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Report: The Habs have reached out to Dale Weise

The fan favourite has had talks with the Canadiens ahead of free agency.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Don't look now, but the Canadiens have contacted Dale Weise's agent about a possible contract.

As per Pierre LeBrun:

The Montreal Canadiens have been in contact with Dale Weise's camp. There's interest to perhaps bring him back -- the Canadiens traded him to the Chicago Blackhawks before the deadline -- but it would have to be at the right price. Other teams have also called. Weise is a useful bottom-six guy and was popular in Montreal. But, again, I don't think GM Marc Bergevin goes that route unless the price is right.

Is it time to panic? Not quite.

From the report it seems quite apparent that the Habs aren't interested in signing him at any price. They would want good value on the contract.

As for Weise, I sincerely doubt he's looking to give any team a discount. This will be his best, if not only, time to cash out as a sought after unrestricted free agent.

We also can't discount the idea that Bergevin is simply performing due diligence, which is an essential part of being a general manager in the NHL. I don't own a crystal ball, but I would say the odds of Weise rejoining the Canadiens next season are not very good, especially seeing as Andrew Shaw's acquisition more or less fills the role that Weise would have with the team. That being said, if he's willing to accept a very reasonable contract, meaning below his market value, he could be a useful part of the roster.

Essentially, they should only bring him back under ideal circumstances. And even then, the priority should be signing an impact player that's suited for a top-six role.