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Marc Bergevin confirms that no realistic offer for P.K. Subban has been made

The speculation was rampant, with some insiders reporting that a significant offer was being mulled by the Habs' GM, but apparently nothing of the sort has been tabled.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The rumours seemed outlandish, with relatively minor offers apparently piquing Marc Bergevin's interest in moving his Norris Trophy-winning defenceman. We were confident that the Montreal Canadiens general manager was more savvy than to think too hard on such a deal, and, after not outright saying so in his press conference yesterday, today confirmed that he has received no actual offer from another GM to acquire Subban's services.

It seems management staffs around the league understand how ludicrous a transaction of one of the league's best people, let alone best players, would be, and haven't wasted time putting a package together that would see them combining a handful of valuable assets into a proposal that would be rejected immediately.

After a day of being on high alert, the needle on a Subban trade has dropped to comfortably in the green, where it has been since he was locked up for an eight-year term two years ago.

Having acknowledged that his superstar defenceman is not available, Bergevin is expecting to make a trade tonight. Will that involve just picks, or a player or two finding new homes? I guess we'll have to wait and see.