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Marc Bergevin addresses P.K. Subban trade rumours in pre-draft press conference

The Canadiens' GM addressed the media one day prior to the NHL draft in Buffalo on Friday, where questions were almost exclusively about P.K. Subban rumours.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Marc Bergevin met with the press for the annual pre-draft press conference, a public appearance which is a perennial occurrence, and was scheduled well in advance. Nearly the entirety of the French- and English-language portions of the talk focused on the buzz about the potential for P.K. Subban to be traded, though the GM firmly snuffed out the idea that he is shopping the fan favourite and is simply doing his job by answering the phone.

Prior to the conference beginning, the Twitter world was aflame with rumours about P.K. Subban being traded. The meeting was initially scheduled for 5:30 and was pushed back to 6:15, and when that time came around, there was still no Marc Bergevin to be seen. Both extremes between "Subban isn't going anywhere" and "Subban likely to be traded" were represented by hockey pundits:

When it began, Bergevin immediately denied that he is shopping Subban. Says he is answering his phone but not actively shopping his superstar player. Here are some quotes and highlights from the presser:

Despite his best efforts, it appears Bergevin couldn't quite convince all media that things are more smoke than fire:

Lost in the mix, Bergevin also fielded a question about how Montreal would draft in the first round on Friday:

Bergevin seemed prepared for what he would face and answered with as much clarity and authority as possible. It certainly seems from what he said that we can expect one of two things to happen. P.K. Subban will remain a Canadien, or else Montreal is somehow going to fleece another team for an amazing return for him. I'm guessing it's the former.