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Where will Martin Réway's future take him? He has a few thoughts in this recent interview

There has been some speculation about the future of the skilled Slovakian player, after he sat out from some playoff games with his current club Fribourg-Gottéron HC.

Fribourg Gotteron

When Réway left Switzerland to participate in the Slovakian World Championship mini camp, which took place in Bratislava, he posted a picture on Instagram where a packed trunk of hockey gear and taped together sticks was followed with a message thanking fans, players and staff of Fribourg-Gottéron for his time and wishing everyone well for the next season.

On Tuesday when he arrived to Bratislava for practice he told Tomas Prokop ( that if he stays in Europe, his future was in the KHL or NLA. Therefore Fribourg is probably still in the picture. now reports that Réway claims his instagram post was misinterpreted, and he never meant farewell. Here is the message in full:


Today there are reports from Slovakia that Réway's agent, Michail Sivek, is negotiations with Slovan Bratislava, to continue his career in the KHL. In this interview he comes across as the Martin Réway I met in Zurich in December, honest, thoughtful and open to different questions.

A small selection of quotes from the article (via Google Translate):

You have finished the season in Fribourg, as you satisfied with it?

"I have a good feeling. Too bad that we dropped out in the first round of the playoffs. I played against high quality competition."

At the end of January you have suffered a concussion, how are you feeling?

"First week I couldn't do a thing, the club didn't want to tell me how serious this was at first. Then, I talked to specialists, had a rest, and after a few weeks I was able to return back to practice.

Any restrictions, you still hurt?

"No, I feel good. During the last week I trained hard, and no symptoms of concussion, they are gone already. I passed all the tests. It was not nothing nice, especially for the eyes. I'm glad to have behind me."

What was the end of the year? You did not play well because he was at the club a lot of foreigners?

"I've trained normally. the first playoff I could still play, but then I got into the rhythm of the game. However, the coach did not want to change the team, which I respect."

What about the Montreal Canadiens?

"That's more a question for them. I don't think about it, after the next season I will be a free agent. If there will be an interest for me by then, I will have the opportunity to choose.

[I guess he doesn't mean to be rude, and is just saying that it's Habs decision, and he has little influence over it - thanks to my Slovakian friends for helping me out here]

Would you like to stay in Europe, or do you feel the pull of America?

"Now we really do not know what will happen. I prefer for it to be decided after the World Championship, but it's difficult because many clubs have signed foreign players during the season. If I wanted to stay in Switzerland, we have to agree now whether I stay in Europe, and Slovakia. Another point is that I still have a contract at Sparta Prague, the possibilities are more. I do not exclude a departure overseas. "

Which of the European leagues attracts you?

"I admit that the KHL attracts me. If I had to stay in Europe, it would only be the KHL or Switzerland."

Are you pleased that you are in the national team already this early?

"Yes, I talked about it and with coach Cíger who has been to see in Switzerland. I told him that if you get out, I would like to come as soon as possible. I wanted to be from early in camp, it is nice to come to his end, and then set the style of play. Season to me wasn't perfect, I have not played as many matches as you'd like. I believe that the right medicine is here with the national team. "


The Slovakian interview is much longer, and I recommend you read it, even though the use of google translate makes the sentences a little tough to grasp. You will see a side of Réway that never really is portrayed otherwise.