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The Habs hire analytics consultant Matt Pfeffer

The identity of the Habs' stats guru has been revealed

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It was reported that the Canadiens had hired a data specialist, however we were left guessing as to his or her identity.

Thanks to Eric Engels, the mystery is over.

Matt is young, but has already amassed an impressive list of jobs, having previously worked with Hockey Canada, the Ottawa 67's, and the San Jose Sharks.

He won't be joining the Habs on a full-time basis, however it's definitely a step in the right direction for the franchise. There's no doubt about it, some analytical contribution is better than none.

Now that Montreal has secured his services, they have avoided being the last team in the Atlantic division without an official statistical analyst. The honour of being last belongs to the Senators, which is interesting considering Pfeffer has worked in their backyard.