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Habs open their 2015-16 schedule versus the Toronto Maple Leafs

The NHL allowed teams to announce their opening game

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

We'll have to wait until tomorrow to know the details of the full schedule, but in the mean time the NHL has given authorization to clubs to announce their home opener.

They'll start the season against the Toronto Maple Leafs, on October  7th.

It's approximately the 9000th time in a row that the Habs will face the Leafs during the first game of the year.

The Canadiens will face the Senators during Ottawa's home opener, which takes place on October 11th.

They're not done there, the Habs will take part in a 3rd opposing team's home opener, when they face the Penguins on October 13th.

As for their own home opener, it has not been announced yet, but we'll update it as soon as it's released.

Update: They'll be facing the New York Rangers during their own home opener on October 15th