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Brandon Prust lays into referee Brad Watson

After the game, Brandon Prust teed off on referee Brad Watson.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

In the waning minutes of the Montreal Canadiens' 6-2 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning, Brandon Prust clearly lost his cool. He started a fight with Braydon Coburn after running Ben Bishop behind the net, then threw an elbow pad at the Lightning bench while taunting them.

In his post game scrum, Prust went a step further, and ripped referee Brad Watson:

Full quote from Bruce Arthur:

Prust quote

If Prust is being truthful, Brad Watson is quite the joke, but even if it's all true, Prust is clearly facing at the least a huge fine, and probably a suspension.

Update: Kerry Fraser says Prust is unlikely to get a suspension, but a fine is in the cards.