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Canadiens injury report post-playoffs

The Canadiens were the healthiest team in the league this year, but they still had some injuries in the playoffs.

Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

The Montreal Canadiens lost the fewest man-games to injury in the entire league this year, but that doesn't mean that they were necessarily always healthy. In the playoffs specifically, injuries are often played through, and you only find out about them on locker clean out day. Thursday is that day though, and here are the injuries that Habs players are admitting to.

P.A. Parenteau says that he injured his shoulder in game one against the Ottawa Senators, which is why he missed a game, but he was never 100% the rest of the way through the playoffs. He said this doesn't excuse his lack of production, but combined with the Habs' general lack of scoring, it makes sense.

Max Pacioretty admitted that he did in fact have a concussion, recounting that he couldn't leave his hotel room in Florida until after the sun set (against the Panthers), and felt dizzy. While he didn't comment on coming back early, it's fairly obvious that Pacioretty wasn't 100% through the first round.

Lars Eller says he injured his groin in game two against the Tampa Bay Lightning, which explains a bit of a drop in his play as the series went on, as so much of his game relies on his skating. It also explains why David Desharnais was given so much ice time down the stretch, in spite of being outplayed by Eller in the playoffs.

Nathan Beaulieu says that the tinted visor he wore in practice was a trick of sorts, because he wasn't concussed by the hit by Erik Karlsson, but he did suffer a fractured sternum, which sounds incredibly painful.

Andrei Markov didn't talk about an injury, but he obviously had a problem with his wrist, which was taped up heavily for each practice and game, and took away a bit of his soft touch with the puck, leading to a few high profile mistakes.