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Dale Weise wins Jacques Beauchamp Award

With a season that smashed all expectations of the young grinder, Dale Weise has been voted the Habs' unsung hero.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

With two games remaining on the schedule, Dale Weise has 10 goals and 19 assists in 77 games in 2014-15. That doesn't count a goal that likely should be added to his stats from a few games ago, where he tipped a Jeff Petry shot that went in. Currently Petry still has the goal, and it's unlikely to change now, but Weise got a stick on it.

29 points isn't the most impressive mark in the NHL, but on a low scoring team, for a player who had 30 points in his previous 179 games, it's something media in Montreal could not ignore, as they voted Dale Weise as the Montreal Canadiens' unsung hero, the winner of the Jacques Beauchamp Award.

Weise has played above his station for over 60% of the season, playing mostly on the top two lines. This is after he entered the season as a healthy scratch that had trouble cracking for the fourth line for the first couple weeks of the season. Since then, only 25% of his ice time has been spent on the fourth line, as coach Michel Therrien seems to trust him the second most of all his right wingers after Brendan Gallagher, who finished a distant second in voting.

The Jacques Beauchamp isn't really an award for performing above and beyond expectations, but you can't fault media for choosing Weise.