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Canadiens will face Lightning in round two

The Montreal Canadiens will face a familiar foe in round two.

Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

If you were to ask fans of the Montreal Canadiens which team they least wanted to have to go through in the playoffs this year, the most common answer was always going to be the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Well, that's exactly who the Habs will be facing in the second round of the 2015 NHL playoffs, as the Lightning eliminated the Detroit Red Wings with a 2-0 victory in game seven, a game that was eerily similar to the way the Habs eliminated the Ottawa Senators in game six of their own first round series.

The Canadiens weren't just dominated in the regular season by the Lightning, they were annihilated every game, and even Carey Price put up horrible numbers against them.

We'll have a full, detailed preview of the series for you tomorrow, but this is the last matchup the Habs would want in the playoffs.