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If Ovechkin wasn't a Capital, he'd want to be a Canadien

In an interview with Pierre LeBrun, Alex Ovechkin gave us an interesting tidbit of information.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

He's the only player in the NHL who can hold a candle to the entertainment value P.K. Subban brings on and off the ice, and in an interview with Pierre LeBrun of ESPN, Alex Ovechkin let it be known that if it weren't for his love for the Capitals, he'd like to play with P.K. here in Montreal.

Ovechkin professed his love for the atmosphere, culture, and city of Montreal, noting that though he plans to never leave the Capitals, if he ever did, his first choice would be the Montreal Canadiens.

Couple this with TSN running a segment on their Toronto radio station earlier today on whether or not Sidney Crosby would want to leave Pittsburgh and where his first choice would be, also Montreal, and it seems like players around the league are beginning to see Montreal as a real destination to not only enjoy, to but win in.

Neither players are likely ever to become Habs, but you can't help but love to hear that the two best forwards in the game today both want to play here, somewhere deep inside.

We've already got the best goaltender and best defenseman playing here.