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P.K. Subban says he never threatened Mark Stone

After Bryan Murray accused Subban of threatening to injure Mark Stone, Subban says it never happened.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

This afternoon Ottawa Senators general manager Bryan Murray held an impromptu press conference to elaborate on the injuries suffer by Mark Stone at the hands of a slash by Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subbanwhich you can see here.

Murray said that aside from the previously announced microfracture, Stone also has ligament damage in his wrist. However the main thrust of the press conference was clearly to lobby the NHL to reverse their decision to suspend Subban, as Murray claimed that Subban verbally threatened Stone several times during the game, something Stone failed to mention last night while he was lobbying for Subban to be suspended.

Subban however, refutes that claim, telling Sportsnet's Chris Johnston "I've never threatened anybody out there."

Considering Dave Cameron's comments on Wednesday night, and Bryan Murray's press conference today, the Senators should be landing themselves in hot water with the league in short order. As Bob McKenzie elaborated on last night, there is a rule in the NHL that teams are not allowed to lobby for suspensions, something both coach and now GM of the Senators have done.

This was never going to be a quiet series.