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Pacioretty gave Team USA some unfounded advice ahead of the Olympic meeting with Canada

Hey Max, a little advice please!

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

It's not uncommon for national teams to turn to NHL teammates for tips on how to beat a particular goalie, but in this case, Max Pacioretty didn't know what to say.

Here's the excerpt from Gary Lawless' article this morning

Montreal Canadiens' 35-goal man Max Pacioretty tells a funny story about playing for Team USA at the Sochi Olympics last winter and having his coaches and teammates turn to him for advice on beating goalie Carey Price.

"So, before the game, when we played the Czechs and they had (Ondrej) Pavelec in net and (Blake) Wheeler had to talk about his tendencies. Whenever we played a team with a goalie from the NHL, a guy from their club had to step up and say what he could to help us," said Pacioretty.

"So I had to talk about Carey but I didn't know what to say. I said, 'If you have to shoot on him, maybe shoot blocker.' But I completely made it up. I didn't want to stand up and say something like, 'He doesn't have a weakness.' But he doesn't. And the best part about his game is somehow, some way, he keeps getting better every single year. It's impossible to pinpoint a weakness in his game. It shows what type of competitor he is. Because if he feels there is something to improve on, he's out there working on it before practice."

Can you blame him? When it comes to beating Carey Price there is no book, and saying "We need to get really, really, really lucky" probably wouldn't be seen as helpful advice.