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Max Pacioretty getting his own McDonald's burger

After Brendan Gallagher and Daniel Briere each got their own signature burgers, it's now Pacioretty's turn.

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It has been a question we've all been pondering for years, what does Max Pacioretty put on his burger? Okay maybe not, but like Brendan Gallagher and Daniel Briere before him, Pacioretty is getting a burger of his own design released in Quebec McDonald's fast food joints.

The burger will be available at select venues from March 18th to April 20th, and contains bacon bits, crunchy tortilla chips, red onion, a slice of tomato, a slice of cheddar, and a "nacho sauce" on an Angus beef patty. From the looks of it, it's a sizeable burger.

Based on the previous promotional campaign for the Gallagher and Briere burgers, expect a commercial with Pacioretty speaking a tiny bit of French, maybe helped out by his buddy David Desharnais. We know that Pacioretty has been working extra hard this year to get a grasp on the language.

This all begs the question though, when do P.K. Subban and Carey Price get their burgers? If Markov gets a McDonald's promotion, is it just an angry glare from an employee? Will Desharnais get a burger that's just Pacioretty's burger but in happy meal size? So many questions.