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P.K. Subban & Alex Galchenyuk named the top players of their age groups

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Intrepid analyst Rob Vollman has used a variety of analytics to name the top players at each age around the NHL.

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You need to be an ESPN Insider to read the entire column, but Rob Vollman has named P.K. Subban the best player in the NHL at the age of 25, and Alex Galchenyuk the best player in the NHL at age 20.

On Subban, the NHL's best 25-year-old

Vollman compares Subban to his peers in regards to possession, where only Jake Muzzin is even close on a relative scale, and Muzzin has played fairly heavy offensive zone starts in Los Angeles, and doesn't put up nearly the points per minute that Subban does.

The strength of the Canadiens without Subban also works in his favour in this comparison, as the Habs are genuinely terrible the last couple years without P.K. on the ice, and perform like a cup contender when he's on. Vollman notes that he believe no other player in Subban's age group could have the same positive impact in Subban's skates.

On Galchenyuk, the NHL's best 20-year-old

Already leading his draft class in points and goals, Alex Galchenyuk also leads the way in terms of possession, and point shares. Where Galchenyuk separates himself from other high-scoring 20 year olds like Filip Forsberg, is his ability to control possession against top-six level competition, according to Vollman.

We also took a look at Galchenyuk's 18-year-old season recently, which showed that his potential for offensive production is flat out incredible.

The Habs nearly had three of the world's best at their ages

You might be reading this and thinking, what about Carey Price? He's a Hart and Vezina Trophy candidate this year, the heart beat of the Montreal Canadiens, and the best goalie in the world.

There's one little thing getting in Carey Price's way in regards to being the best 27-year-old in the NHL though, as Vollman names him as an honourable mention. Remember that Sidney Crosby guy? Yeah, he's 27 too. Carey is phenomenal in every way, but Sidney Crosby is nearly unmatched in history, he's that good.