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P.K. Subban fined for diving

It took awhile, but we knew this was coming with the extra attention that the NHL has admitted that they're focusing on the Montreal Canadiens.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Days of Y'Orr

The NHL has announced that Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban has been fined $2000 for diving, after his second diving call of the season in the Canadiens' win over the New York Rangers.

Subban's first embellishment call of the season came at the hands of a Brad Marchand spear to the groin, which was a dicey call to say the least. However when Kerry Fraser was asked for an explanation, it seems like it's simply Subban's reputation that makes falling down from a stick to the groin egregious.

In spite of this notion, the league eventually rescinded the diving call on Subban for this incident.

The second time Subban was caught (though not called) for diving this season was a bit more obvious, as Subban takes advantage of Jason Garrison putting his stick between his legs, and takes a tumble. Had Subban not lunged his shoulder forward, this likely isn't a call at all, because Garrison's stick is clearly in the wrong place, but you can see Subban feel the pull from the stick and push his head and shoulders forward.

That's about as legit as diving calls get.

The third call, and second one considered valid, Kreider shoves Subban from behind in open ice while P.K. is turning slightly on one skate, and Subban falls forward. Nothing too bad about it, yet he was called for embellishment.

Subban does dive, and in the past he dove a lot more than he does now, but neither the first or third call would be made against most players. When Kerry Fraser went over the Kreider play he said Subban fell "theatrically". Considering the fact that Subban was on one skate, was hit from behind, and fell forwards without flailing his arms, I asked Fraser what about Subban's fall was "theatrical"? The response?

Eh, I don't buy it. Watch the Kreider incident closely here:

subban dive

Subban probably knows Kreider is behind him, but he's turning while leaning back (off balance), and on one skate. He falls forward without any flailing at all, just a normal fall.

Subban definitely dives, he probably even deserves a fine, but if this is the line the NHL is going to draw for diving for him, then he's got no way of saving his reputation, something he has been clearly attempting to do if you watch him every game.

I see one dive with three diving calls, and another incident where the explanation has more to do with the player involved, than the actions that took place.