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The Canadiens asked Zack Kassian not to report to the IceCaps

Until further notice, the forward was advised not to report to the AHL team.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The St. John's IceCaps are back in action tonight, but the status of recently waived Zack Kassian is still in question.

This morning, the team advised Kassian not to report to the team until further notice.

This is an interesting development, which gives us more questions than answers. The Habs cannot buy out his contract at this time of the year, although they could convince him to agree to a mutual contract termination.

On the flip side, the NHL's roster freeze ends on the 28th, so it may just be that the team is working on a trade.

Regardless, it's not an encouraging sign for Kassian's future with the Canadiens.