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The possibility of trading Jarred Tinordi

The Habs can afford to move the hulking defender, but they're in no rush

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Elliotte Friedman referenced Montreal's overabundance of defenders in this week's edition of 30 thoughts.

It’s not exactly a news bulletin teams are looking for defencemen, with a chunk of focus on Dallas and Montreal because they carry eight. GMs Marc Bergevin and Jim Nill refused to expose Jarred Tinordi and Jamie Oleksiak (respectively) to waivers, so they’ve got other executives calling to ask what they might want to do to alleviate their excess.

"Trouble is, since both teams are going so well, they can be patient," one said. "No need to do anything until they get what they want."

This is more of a guess: but I would not be surprised if a Montreal ask was something like two second-rounders for Tinordi.

There's a few factors at play here. First off, as one executive noticed, the Habs are in no rush to make a move. They can afford to wait until they receive a great offer.

Second, the Canadiens are going through an insanely lucky streak of health over the course of this season and the last. That doesn't mean an injury is bound to happen any time soon, but odds are they'll lose a defender at some point this season.

Lastly, it's clear that Tinordi won't improve by sitting in the press box.

Thankfully, if ever they do decide to move him, the Habs have another decent defender available, in Greg Pateryn.

With the resurgence of Alexei Emelin, partly due to Jeff Petry's excellent play, the Habs are in a favourable position to make a deal if Marc Bergevin deems any of the offers reasonable.

They're not in a rush, and they possess an asset that many GMs are reportedly looking for.

Do you think two second-round picks be enough to pry Tinordi from Montreal's hands? Let us know in the comments below.