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Magnus Nygren and his brother mugged in Burlington

According to a Swedish newspaper, Magnus Nygren and his brother Martin experienced an unpleasant New Years.

Hamilton Bulldogs Hockey Club

According to the Swedish national newspaper Expressen, Montreal Canadiens prospect and current Hamilton Bulldog defenseman Magnus Nygren had an unpleasant new year while dining with his brother Martin.

Due to a long term injury (suspected concussion) that has kept Nygren out of action since November 29th, the young Swede requested that he be allowed to go home for the holidays to be with family, but was denied by the club. It sounds harsh, but considering Nygren left the Bulldogs last year, and traveling concussed isn't always a good idea anyway, you can understand the organization's reasoning.

Instead, Nygren asked his brother Martin to come to Hamilton over the holidays, and the two went to a restaurant in Burlington on New Years to have dinner, and while Magnus was paying inside the restaurant, Martin was apparently assaulted and robbed outside on the street.

Magnus said his brother was lying on the sidewalk with a swollen face, confused as to what had happened, with his necklace and watch stollen.

Considering the reason Nygren stated he left Hamilton the first time around was the violent crime in the area, this sort of event doesn't bode well for his future with the Bulldogs. According to Expressen, Martin Nygren is returning to Sweden later this week.

Magnus Nygren's four goals and 10 points in 15 games played are easily the best marks on the Bulldogs' defense.