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Rogers makes it a little cheaper to watch the Canadiens

If you're a customer of Rogers, you're getting a sweet deal with with GameCenter Live. If not, there's still a cheap option for you.

Claus Andersen

Rogers made a huge announcement this morning concerning changes to GameCenter Live that is especially interesting for fans of the Montreal Canadiens. First off, all national games, including playoff games, will be available on GameCenter Live, meaning that there are no more blackouts for Habs games outside the Habs region.

If you are a subscriber to Rogers home internet, or Rogers wireless and have a data plan, GameCentre Live is free for you until December 31st, 2014. In addition to that, if you would like to subscribe to only the 60 Habs games that RDS will carry next season, you can do so for just $59.99.

The standard price for GameCenter Live's complete library is still $199.99, but if you have cable and are outside the Habs region, you can easily catch all 82 Habs games with the $59.99 package.

This announcement is huge for Canadiens fans outside Quebec who were worried that they'd be forced to overspend on a bunch of different channels just for national games, and still purchase the full GameCenter Live package just to see all 82 Habs games.

If you don't have cable, with the new national blackout restrictions limited, you will have access to all 82 Habs games on GameCenter Live if you buy the $199.99 package. It's a pretty incredible improvement.

Check out all the details in Rogers' announcement.