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Jarred Tinordi gets ejected for a clean hit

Tinordi is struggling a bit, but this was clean.

Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo

Let's all be honest, Jarred Tinordi has not had a very good preseason. He's struggled with the puck, and taken some bad penalties, but this one is bogus.


Jarred Tinordi is 6'6", and he leans FAR down here to make sure he doesn't hit high, and it just so happens that he caught Nate Schmidt with his head down. He kept his elbow down and exploded after the impact. It's the definition of a clean, open-ice hit, the kind that Tinordi wants in his game to be successful.

It's just preseason so it doesn't really matter that he was ejected, and let's all remember that it's preseason for refs too, but this isn't one of the hits where the hitter should get the blame.