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Lars Eller Injury: Canadiens forward expected back on the ice soon

Eller should be back on the ice relatively soon, according to the coach.

Francois Laplante/FreestylePhoto

After having been injured in training camp due to an Alexei Emelin hit, Lars Eller has missed a fair amount of action, including last night's game versus the Bruins. We finally got word today that it's not an injury that should keep him out of the lineup for long.

"Lars Eller should be back on the ice within a day or two. Nothing serious" assures coach Michel Therrien.

Eller, who recently signed a four year extension with the club worth $14M, will be relied upon this year to provide secondary scoring, as well as alleviate the workload on defensive stalwart Tomas Plekanec.

He knows that with a new contract comes more pressure, but he said that he's ready to embrace his position and accept more responsibility within the organization.