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Canadiens announce training camp roster, rookie camp cuts

The Canadiens have announced cuts from rookie camp before they head into the full on training camp, and who will make up their 64 player roster for training camp and the preseason.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

First off, the cuts:

Daniel Audette (Sherbrooke - QMJHL)
Philippe Gadoury (Halifax - QMJHL)
Alexandre Goulet (Charlottetown - QMJHL)
Matthew Highmore (Saint John - QMJHL)
Tyler Hill (Ottawa - OHL)
Bokondji Imama (Baie-Comeau - QMJHL)
Matt Schmalz (Sudbury - OHL)
Charles-David Beaudoin (Drummondville - QMJHL)
Gianluca Curcuruto (Plymouth - OHL)
Nikolas Koberstein (Sioux Falls - USHL)
Brett Lernout (Swift Current - WHL)
Hayden Hawkey (Omaha - USHL)
Jordan Papirny (Brandon - WHL)

Daniel Audette being cut is fairly surprising. He was pretty impressive in scrimmages and seems to have the talent level necessary to make some noise in preseason, but the Canadiens have sent him back to Sherbrooke early.

Training camp roster

64 players, 22 defensemen, 13 left wingers, 12 centers, 11 right wingers, and 6 goaltenders make up the training camp roster.


So it begins.