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Lucic almost shows remorse for acting like a child vs the Habs

He didn't apologize, but he came as close as a man-child can get.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Milan Lucic had two months to reflect on his childish actions versus the Canadiens during their playoff series this past spring, and he's turned a corner...sort of.

No one expected him to apologize for throwing a temper tantrum, but this excerpt from an interview in The Hockey News shows that at the very least he understands that he handled the situation with all the grace and humility of a frozen bag of carrots.

"I’m not going to apologize for how I acted or what was said," Lucic said. "But at the end of the day, thinking about it now, maybe I definitely could have handled the situation better than I did. But more than saying what I said to the players, I was upset with losing. I was upset with losing to them. We had such a great team that had won the Presidents’ Trophy and that being the end and losing the way that we did, I think it all just accumulated to me losing my cool in the handshake."

Let's be clear, he's actually pissed that they lost the series, as opposed to showing any regret like a normal human being would do after throwing out death threats following a game, but at least the oaf is experiencing some cognitive dissonance in regards to his humiliating actions, which is an encouraging step for Lucic. He knows that his actions resulted in some much deserved criticism, but he doesn't quite understand why. If he hasn't figured it out after two months he's simply not smart enough to process the situation logically.

The Habs and the Bruins will meet on October 16th at the Bell Centre, and all eyes will be on Dale Weise, who is scheduled to be murdered by Lucic, following his handshake promise.