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Injury news: Josh Gorges fractured hand forces him to leave road trip

The veteran defencemen will be leaving the western road trip and head back to Montreal to meet with doctors.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

After suffering a fractured hand vs the Leafs on Saturday, the Canadiens are reporting that Gorges will leave the team and head back to Montreal for further evaluation.

The initial X-ray revealed a fractured hand, meaning he'll likely miss at least two weeks of action.

Gorges as we know, is the ultimate warrior, playing a week's worth of hockey with a mangled hand. Although Stubbs and McGuire might have the Penguins game and the Leafs game mixed up:

I too would probably need some time off if a piece of rubber made my hand explode:

This means that Michel Therrien will be forced to shuffle his defensive pairings. The Mike Weaver acquisition is quite timely, as he could definitely slot into the top 4 and do a decent job replacing Gorges.

The defensive pairings could end up looking like this for the next few games:

Markov - Subban

Emelin - Weaver

Murray - Tinordi.

Although Michel Therrien might go in another direction and slot Emelin with Markov, or even Douglas Murray on the top pairing (yikes).