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Marc Dumont officially named co-manager of Eyes on the Prize

The incredible growth of EOTP continues with an expansion in management.

Joel Auerbach

As Eyes on the Prize has grown to become the largest non-mainstream Montreal Canadiens website on the planet, we continue to strive to improve the quality and quantity of our content. Bringing Marc Dumont in last year helped us do this in many ways, from writing and editing, to idea forming and supporting our other contributors.

Because of Marc's fantastic work, not to mention his CHaracter, I talked to him to ask if he was interested in becoming a managing editor of Eyes on the Prize. SB Nation cleared the decision, recognizing the positive steps forward EOTP has taken and how much better it could be with a second manager to balance out the coverage, and here we are.

So even though we all already know him, I ask you all to give Marc an enthusiastic welcome as co-managing editor.