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Chris Nilan interview with general manager Marc Bergevin

What will he talk about? Nobody knows, but hopefully he gives us a few hints on his upcoming plans.

Richard Wolowicz

Habs GM Marc Bergevin will be appearing on Chris Nilan's radio show Off the Cuff today, via TSN Montreal (690 AM).

Hopefully Bergevin will touch upon his fantastic trade deadline deals, the ongoing P.K. Subban contract negotiations, or even his intentions regarding Thomas Vanek come July 1st.

As it stands Bergevin currently has $46M committed next year towards 15 players. That leaves him with roughly $25M in cap space.

Although $25M might sound like a reasonable amount of money to sign 8 or so players, it's worth noting that P.K. Subban will likely command upwards of $8M per year on a long term deal.

Andrei Markov is also a UFA, and there's no reason to believe he'll take a pay cut, as his expiring $5.75M deal would be considered a discount on the open market.

There's no guarantee that Bergevin will even talk about his plans for the off-season, as he could be clouded by 'old time hockey' stories or other inanity, but hopefully the interview gets down to brass tacks at some point.

The interview is scheduled for 1:30 PM, and you can listen to the podcast here.