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Lars Eller injury: Canadiens forward out with a lower body injury

It's as if the hockey gods were paid off to make Eller's season as terrible as possible.

Did anyone ask before the game whether this season could possibly be going worse for Lars Eller? If you did, you tempted the hockey gods, and they've answered harshly.

The struggling Canadiens forward, who was sentenced to the fourth line against the Leafs in spite of possibly being the Canadiens' best player against Columbus, left the game with an apparent lower body injury and didn't return.

It's just another drop in the bucket of bad luck Eller has been dealt this season, with a team low 960 PDO, and a career low 8.40 shooting percentage in spite of putting up a career high 131 shots on goal.

Eller has produced 11 goals and 12 assists this season in 71 games, and has been the Canadiens' best possession forward outside of the exploitation offense line.

The degree of Eller's injury is unknown at this point, but we will update you as soon as that information becomes available.