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Brandon Prust injury: Canadiens forward to miss the rest of the season

The Canadiens had some sad news in regards to Prust.

According to the Montreal Canadiens, versatile bottom six forward Brandon Prust will be out for the remainder of the regular season after suffering an upper body injury in his second game back from a previous injury.

In obvious pain, Prust left the game against Colorado for one period, returning only to play his best game of the year, setting up one goal and scoring another, both of the highlight reel variety.

Prust has been dealing with persistent shoulder problems since signing in Montreal, and since he's being shut down for the remainder of the regular season, will have missed 40 of the 130 regular season games the Canadiens have played since he signed his contract.

Missing 30.8% of games is a huge chunk for a mostly 4th liner being paid $2.5M per season to miss, and casts some serious scrutiny on the four year deal Marc Bergevin signed him to. It's possible that Prust could recover fully and be mostly healthy for the next two years, but considering this injury is likely also his shoulder, it doesn't look like that's in the cards.

Prust has scored 6 goals and 7 assists for 13 points in 52 games this season, 3 of his goals were game winners.

Prust will be evaluated at the end of the season to determine if he's healthy enough to partake in the playoffs.