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Ball hockey at the EOTP meetup is canceled

Some unfortunate news as a result of bad weather.

Sad Pateryn is oddly appropriate
Sad Pateryn is oddly appropriate
Joel Auerbach

Due to inclement weather, read: an absolute ton of snow, we unfortunately have to cancel the road hockey portion of the EOTP meetup.

I've been scrambling since the storm was forecast to rent an indoor space in Montreal, but at such short notice there was just nothing available.

I can't stress enough how sorry I am that this part of the meetup was canceled, and in all honesty this was the part that I was looking forward to most. Unfortunately there's just no way we can make it work this time around.

The next meetup, perhaps in the summer, is going to be a lot easier to organize and we'll plan ahead more effectively.

So please don't bring your hockey gear to the meetup, and if you're traveling don't bother packing it. This sucks but we're still going to have a ton of fun. We'll meet up at McLean's pub as previously planned at 2pm.