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How long will Carey Price be out?

Is it possible that Carey Price could be out a lot longer than the Habs are letting on?

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier on Monday there was some talk on TSN 690's morning show about Carey Price and his injury, and from an observational point of view, it's not looking so good.

Those who have been able to get an eye on Price practicing with trainers over the last couple of days have said that Price's movement is very choppy, something that has never been a problem for him, and specifically going down into and getting up from the butterfly looks laboured.

This has led to speculation that the injury is not his groin, but his knee. Whether that's worse than a groin injury is up for debate, and I'll let goalie experts give some insight on that, but neither is good.

Michel Therrien hinted that Price could be back by Wednesday against the Bruins, but if his movement is choppy I can't see the Canadiens putting him into a game situation. The upside is too low and the risk too great.

This is worrying.

Since Price went down in the first post-Olympics practice, the Canadiens have allowed 3.43 goals against per game, receiving just a .884 save percentage. This has lead to them failing to win a single game in regulation, posting a 3-3-1 record over 7 games.

This record is in spite of the Canadiens posting their best rolling 10 game average Fenwick close since October 24th. Essentially as rough as the post-Olympic play has looked, it's been among the best the Canadiens have played this season, and they went .500 while getting some pretty good luck in overtimes.

This is a worrying time.