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Winter Classic 2016 could be Boston bound; Will Habs be opponent?

Bob McKenzie has revealed that next year's Winter Classic could be in Boston, and it's only natural that the Habs would be the opponent, right?

Elsa/Getty Images

A few years ago, when something was broken like the Boston Bruins hosting a second outdoor game, fans wouldn't even consider getting excited for a Canadian team being in the running as the opponent, but the NHL's continued focus on rivalries, and the Winter Classic game between the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs in Michigan changes the dynamic quite a bit.

As far as opponents go for the Bruins, no opponent makes more sense than the Montreal Canadiens. It's the best rivalry in hockey, and it's currently running hot after a playoff series last season where the heavily favoured Bruins fell short, historically a common theme.

According to Bob McKenzie, the NHL is currently trying to complete a deal with the Bruins to set the Winter Classic there next season, though he didn't say where the proposed location would be. The Bruins have already hosted a Winter Classic event at Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox. Usually the NHL doesn't double dip into one venue, but baseball stadiums have gone over well with fans, while football stadiums haven't.

Gillette Stadium is definitely an option for the event, and it's 68,756 seat capacity is enticing for ticket sales compared to Fenway's 37,400, but the 2010 Winter Classic between the Bruins and Flyers was also a huge success, which may lead the NHL to go back to Fenway. Gillette is also way out of the core of Boston, meaning it's more difficult to get to.

Let's be honest, what would be better than an outdoor game between the Habs and Bruins? P.K. Subban being booed while ripping home goals and breaking more Bostonian hearts? It's gotta happen.