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KHL club acquires rights to Jiri Sekac

It may be nothing, but Ak Bars Kazan, the richest club in the KHL, has acquired the european rights to Canadiens right winger Jiri Sekac.

Claus Andersen

This morning TVA's intrepid insider Renaud Lavoie discovered some odd news:

You had to wonder, after six straight games as a presumably healthy scratch, when there would be rumblings of trouble regarding Jiri Sekac. As Lavoie notes, this is really nothing to panic about, it's just a KHL team watching a player who played in that league last year get the cold shoulder by his new NHL club, and preparing for a possible desertion.

What's curious about the whole situation in my mind though, is that Sekac's agent is Allan Walsh, the annoying vocal agent who likes to negotiate playing time for his clients through the media, instead of keeping things private. He has been dead silent on Sekac being scratched, so it's tough for me to buy into the idea that there's real friction between Sekac and the Montreal Canadiens.

With that said, Sekac is slated to be a healthy scratch against the Blackhawks for the seventh straight game, so nothing is improving either. This will be a situation to pay close attention to in the coming days.