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Alexei Emelin fined but not suspended for hit to the head of Brian Gionta

Alexei Emelin has been fined by the NHL for his hit to the head of former Habs captain Brian Gionta.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

After it was announced that Alexei Emelin would face a hearing over his hit to the head of former Canadiens captain Brian Gionta, it was unclear how the NHL's department of player safety would handle the situation so quickly with both teams facing off tonight. As it turns out, all they decided it was worth was a $11,021.51 fine, which is under one quarter of what Emelin makes every game.

The hit didn't look like much on the initial play, but on the replay it looked like Emelin raised his elbow a bit and definitely caught Gionta straight in the head with his shoulder. However Gionta is much shorter than Emelin, and his head was down, which were both contributing factors.

With that said, it doesn't look to me like Gionta's head moves much prior to contact, so the onus should be on Emelin to avoid the head or bail on the hit entirely.

Do you think NHL Player Safety got it right?