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Canadiens recall Eric Tangradi from the Hamilton Bulldogs

The Montreal Canadiens are trying out someone different on the 4th line, giving Tangradi a shot to earn a spot.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

After sending down Drayson Bowman, it was speculated that the Canadiens would try out one of their other NHL-ready or close to NHL-ready forwards currently playing for the Bulldogs, and that's exactly what they're doing in calling up Eric Tangradi.

Tangradi is an NHL veteran who has played some solid fourth line minutes for both the Pittsburgh Penguins and Winnipeg Jets. He's not a big point producer, but he has been a very possession player compared to other fourth liners.

At 6'4" Tangradi also helps improve the Canadiens' size, where they are now quite big in the bottom of the lineup. He is also just 25 years old, and not a bad skater for his size.

When Tangradi was acquired in exchange for Peter Budaj in the preseason, we wrote about what to expect from him here.