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Welcoming a new columnist to Eyes on the Prize: Cara T

EOTP is looking for columnists, and this summer we asked those interested to submit an entry. We've found our first contest winner.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

On behalf of  EOTP, we're beyond happy to announce a new member of the team: Cara T. She'll be joining us as a columnist, so make sure to give her a warm welcome to the site.

Cara's name should seem familiar to some of you, as she's already submitted several top notch fanshots that have caught our attention as we searched for a new columnist.

Cara's work speaks for itself, and we're really proud that she wanted to join the team.

Cara will continue to write for Arctic Ice Hockey, as well as joining us on our website as a columnist. We're still poring over all the entries for the next EOTP columnist contest, and we'll keep you up to date if we select another winner.

I've asked Cara to write up a column that will be scheduled tomorrow. In the meantime, give the newest member of the team a follow on twitter: